After we started our Kindness Kards, a lot of people have asked how they can get the cards of if they can make some cards.  The answer is YES, of course!  The goal is to spread kindness!  If you want to get the templates the Kindness Kards Class used, just contact me. 

My friend teaches third grade at Scholls Heights Elementary in Beaverton and she wanted her class to participate.  I was lucky enough to be able to visit the class to talk about Kindness Kards.  They had already started making their cards and I was able to show them some of the cards we had received back.  My class also sent along some advice for making cards and what to expect.  The class was really excited and as of today, they have received 22 cards back, with three states represented. 

Some highlights for them were a man who adopted some kittens because of his card and a man who wrote that he resembles Dumbledore from Harry Potter!  They are also trying to put their cards in order to see who left it where and who picked it up!  What a fun idea!

Lyric Haveman
5/16/2012 13:49:26

I am in the Scholls Heights Kindness kard class and I think this project inspires children to spread kindess around the world.The joy on my classmates faces makes me smile.We have a big heart and the cards are spread around it. One girl made up a cute song that the class sings when we recive a card.I love this program and its fun.


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    I am the teacher of the kids in the "Kindness Kards" class.  I came up with the  Kindness Kards idea so my students could learn about paying it forward with an act of kindness.  Our class motto is, "Be Wise, Be Kind, Be True" and I feel it's so important for my students to learn about helping others.  We call it "heart work."  They have loved this project and we look forward to hearing who received our cards!


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