As of today, we have received 95 Kindness Kards back, which mean 95 acts of kindness have been performed that may not have been before our cards went out!!
~73 cards have been sent back to the Kindness Kards Class in Sherwood
~11 of those are from our Peach's Neet Feet friends/fighters
~22 cards have been sent to our friends at Scholls Heights Elementary
~We have 12 states represented and over 34 cities!
Things have slowed down a bit, but we're hoping for a big influx before the school year is over!

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    I am the teacher of the kids in the "Kindness Kards" class.  I came up with the  Kindness Kards idea so my students could learn about paying it forward with an act of kindness.  Our class motto is, "Be Wise, Be Kind, Be True" and I feel it's so important for my students to learn about helping others.  We call it "heart work."  They have loved this project and we look forward to hearing who received our cards!


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